Guiding Governance Principles and Strategic Objectives

Guiding Governance Principles and Strategic Objectives

NBSLC Board of Management
Guiding Governance Principles and Strategic Objectives

The Board of Management is pleased to share this document with its members, associates and stakeholders.

General Principles Financial

  • To hold a prudent level of cash reserves to properly maintain the Clubhouse and related facilities and to cater for planned and unplanned capital and operating expenditure
  • To pursue sensible opportunities to raise funds independently of member levies, including through sponsorship and income generation activities that are consistent with the Club’s history and values
  • To manage the finances of the Club responsibly, having regard to the interests of present and future members and for the long-term interests of all members

Social and cultural

  • To continue to cater for a wide range of member interests, activities and areas of engagement with the Club
  • To be an inclusive, welcoming and productive part of the lifesaving and wider community and to foster a “One-Club” ethos
  • To strive for excellence in all we do
  • To provide equal attention and care for our core sections of the Club:
    • Lifesaving (including education)
    • Surf Sports, competitive and recreational
    • Nippers
    • Community and social

Member welfare

  • To manage member and associate numbers and Club resources to optimise the member experience within the parameters of our lifesaving and community service obligations
  • To have a culture and governance model that is transparent and well understood and puts the overall Club interests above individual or group interests

Specific for 19/20 Financial

  • To ensure the Club’s FY20 financial accounts reflect the general guiding principles outlined above
  • To manage the ALRF construction process efficiently and cost- effectively
  • To maintain transparent financial reporting and accountability

Social and cultural

  • To assist members to have a clear understanding of the Club’s operations and activities
  • To review our member numbers, patrol requirements and other key operational matters to ensure a positive member experience
  • To find a sensible balance between Club functions that are performed by volunteer members and those performed by Club staff
  • To have fun and enjoy ourselves!