How To Contact The Club Office

How To Contact The Club Office

Member Services 

To save you time & better allocate Club administration resources we now have links to get certain items actioned. This trial will be underway for the next few months with further functionality being rolled out during that time.

Club Access tags, Patrol & water safety enquiries, Nipper enquiries, Non Resident Parking permit & general enquiries

Anyone requiring a new tag, swap a tag or replacement tag can click the below link. Please note tags will only be done on certain days and you will be advised of collection. If you have a query on your patrol or water safety hours, missing hours or other patrol items the link is for you. If you have a Nipper request or Parking permit or general enquiry this link can also be used.

Maintenance & Cleaning Issues

If you spot any maintenance items or cleaning deficiencies please use this link to report. Please provide your email so we can follow up if required.

Late Proficiency Request

Please note late proficiency (skills maintenance) requests have now closed. If you are not proficient for this season you will not be able to patrol & your tag will be deactivated. You will be able to reapply for membership once a proficiency test is completed for the 2020-21 season.

Other Membership Requests

Please follow this link for the following requests:

1.     North Bondi member wishing to rejoin after a period of absence. Please provide details of year you were last proficient and any other relevant details.

2.     Member transferring from another Club (current SRC, Bronze, Active Reserve or Long Service). Please attach a print out of your SLSA awards & patrol history from your members portal. NOTE: The Club does not accept competitive transfer requests. Once your request has been accepted North Bondi will instigate a transfer from your existing Club via Surfguard.

3.     Existing member requesting Long Service or Active Reserve status. These requests should be received no later than June for the upcoming patrol season. Please provide a print out of your patrol record from your SLSA portal.

4.     Existing member requiring leave of absence from patrols for this season. These requests must be received no later than November each season unless due to unforeseen injury or illness. Please provide a detailed explanation of why you need leave. The Club also offers HSC & parental leave for members.

This information goes to the Club’s membership sub committee for review and ultimately to the Board for approval. This process can take up to 2 months depending on meeting schedules.