The Clubhouse: Areas Open & Conditions to be Followed

The Clubhouse: Areas Open & Conditions to be Followed

It remains a condition of entry that members MUST have their own access tag. NO TAG – NO ENTRY policy will be enforced. Your tag must be swiped when you enter the Club – this can be on any door reader – to register your attendance. Any member entering the Clubhouse without their tag or letting another member in to the premises with their tag will be subject to disciplinary processes, including possible suspension. Members are to abide by the physical distancing requirements and signs indicating capacity limits for the various areas. Any tables and chairs set out must not be moved.
Sunday Drinks: 4pm to 8pm – members can now bring 1 guest

  • Due to low numbers attending Club drinks this winter, each member may now  bring one guest to accompany them. Each member still to use own tag and must also scan in with guest on arrival, registering on the COVID app located at the top of the stairs before entering.  We will continue to monitor numbers so they do not exceed 50.
  • 50 maximum number at any one time (numbers will be carefully monitored and enforced)
  • Doors open at 4pm – drinks conclude at 8.00pm  
  • Members will be admitted on a first in first served basis   
  • Ben Buckler bar will be used for beverage service with the entire Level 2 used to maximise numbers.  All guests MUST be seated at all times except when approaching the bar for service and then social distancing adhered to whilst awaiting and being served.

Changerooms & other areas: 

Changerooms open 5am to 12 noon & 2pm to 8pm. Maximum 10 people in Changeroom at any one time. A system will apply to ensure compliance. Any member not abiding by the conditions or entering without their own tag will be subject to sanctions.

Coffee Club area open 8am to 11am for our “senior” members. Maximum 10 people in room at any one time.
Ros Packer Room open 3pm to 6pm (Mon to Fri only). Maximum 20 people in room at any one time.

Craft areas are available as per current arrangements.

Zero Tolerance Policy for Breach of Covid-safe Requirements:

As members are no doubt aware, there is now a heightened risk profile for COVID-19 in the Eastern Suburbs, including Bondi. All members and in particular those using the gym, have been advised of the absolute requirement to adhere to the Clubhouse rules with respect to COVID-19, including the use of member’s own security tag, social distancing and additional sanitary practices applying to gym use.

These rules appear in this weekly ENews, on the website and around the Clubhouse.

The Club takes a “zero tolerance” approach to any breach of these rules. This is necessary for the health and safety of all members, guests and the wider community. If the Clubhouse needs to be closed again, this will have a further detrimental effect on all of us as well as the Club’s staff, the ability to host functions and the Club’s finances.

Please take note: Any member who is observed to breach the rules will have their security tags deactivated for a period of two weeks, without notice and will be banned from accessing the Clubhouse for that time.

The Club is doing everything it can to ensure that our facility stays safe and open for the benefit of all members. Please play your part in maintaining a safe environment.

Board of Management