North Bondi Masters Training Schedule

North Bondi Masters Training Schedule

Surf Swimming
Tuesday/Thursday @ 6am – the club runs INs & OUTs sessions on Bondi Beach. All ages & skill levels welcome for a combination of skills & fitness.
Friday @ 6pm & Sunday @ 4pm – the club runs a swim-run-swim-run Biathlon. Distances are approximately 2 x 400m swim and 2 x 800m runs. There is a handicapped start to the race and everyone comes in around the 35 minute mark.
Sunday 11am – Handicapped Surf Races of approx. 400m are held. There are 3 races – A, B & C Grade.

In addition to the above, club legend Spot Anderson runs pool & surf-swimming sessions through his program. Spot coaches pool sessions at Victoria Park / Prince Alfred Pool on Monday 5.45pmWednesday 6am & 5.45pm, and Friday 6am. He is also down in front of the Surf Club on weekends: Saturday 7amAdvanced; 8.30am Rookies; Sunday 9.00am all levels.

Ski Paddling
Monday/Tuesday/Thursday @ 5.45am – the Michael twins, Jake & Luke, run fitness sessions for intermediate to advanced paddlers. The pace is quick, especially on “torture Tuesdays” so in the meantime…

Monday-Friday morning various times from 5.30amIf you are looking to get into surf ski paddling it is much easier to start in the flatwater on Rose bay with a stable surf ski and progress up through the faster surf skis. North Bondi Surf Club member Luke Horder runs Learn to Paddle Classes at Rose bay from his business Sydney Harbour Surf Club. Other North Bondi legends Scotty Thomson, Istvan “Domi” Domokos & Matthew Jenkins are all coaches over there. Start in the Learn to Paddle Classes, then progress to the Skills/Technique classes, Flow Classes and then Cardio Classes.

Go to then download the app for a free introductory session.

Board Paddling
Friday 6am Megan Rumford & Kiva Galgut are running a beginner/intermediate board paddling session at the beach.

Sunday 11.30am Following the Sunday Surf Races, the club hold a handicapped “Diamond Lady” event, which consists of a 450m Board Paddle, 400m Swim & 800m Run.