NBSLSC Board of Management

NB SLSC is a non-profit volunteer organization, run by it’s members for it’s members. Club officers are voted in at the club Annual General Meeting, and serve for a term of 2 years. Members are required to be members of the club for one full calendar year before applying for office.

Mark is a Life member of North Bondi SLSC and first joined as a nipper in 1982, before gaining his bronze medallion in the 1985/86 season. He was team manager for the World Life Saving Championships in Wales and England in 1994. He assumed the role of club vice captain for 4 years from 1989 and then club captain for a further 3 years.

Mark went on to manage the clubs sponsorship, marketing and events section in the official capacity as club vice president for 19 years. Since 2014, Mark has been President of North Bondi and represents the club at several district and regional surf life saving delegations.

Mark Cotter

Ben is a Life Member of North Bondi SLSC and gained his bronze medallion in 1980. He successfully competed in the surf boat section of the club, rowing for 3 years as a junior and 2 years as a senior. He was awarded the Stan McDonald award for Most Outstanding Club official in the 2010/11 season, for his role in chairing the Rebuilding Committee.

Ben led the fundraising efforts for the new club construction project and was instrumental in the club being completed on time and on budget. In 2014 he joined the Board of Management in the capacity as director of fundraising, marketing and special events.

Ben Griffiths
Head of Sponsorship/Marketing Events

I am responsible for overseeing and coordinating the Club’s competition and surf sports activities, including coaching, carnival participation and developing our nippers into senior competitors.

North Bondi has a longstanding and successful surf sports competition history going back to its foundation. I am very fortunate to be able to play a role in continuing this tradition.

I also have 4 children who are active North Bondi SLSC competitors and actively participate in masters competition myself.

Andrew Christopher
Head of Surf Sports

As the Head of Finance, Serge is committed to securing the clubs financial sustainability for future generations as well as today’s members.

Serge joined the club as an U/5 Nipper in 1989 and has been a dedicated club member ever since! Serge was awarded his Bronze Medallion in 1999 and long service in 2009. Serge is an all-round member having previously held the position of Youth Director, previously a long term member of the Surf Ski team, IRB Driver and Patrol Captain.

Serge is currently a Bronze Medallion Assessor.

Serge Vegh
Head of Finance

This is Jim’s 1st year on the board, however he has been quite active in the role of Nipper President for the last 5-6 seasons.

Jim looks after the day to day operations and events for Nippers, as well as the competition side of the Nippers. Currently, our Nippers are just under 1000 participants large. Jim’s interest in the club has been since 1987 when he joined North Bondi and the area he enjoys most is competition.

Jim Walker
Head of Youth

‘Aussie’ Deb* joined the club in 2002 and at this time had no idea what being a lifesaver really meant, and how much of her life was about to change, as the club would become family and a home away from home.

After getting her bronze, she realised that the best way to retain all the knowledge was to start teaching and she became a trainer and the assessor. Debbie has been Assistant Education Director, Education Director (twice) and also served as Waverley District Education Supervisor.

* still Pommie Deb during the ashes

Debbie Midwinter
Head of Administration

The education is a large team within North Bondi SLSC and one of the largest in Sydney. We are responsible for training and assessing new members in their Surf Rescue Certificate, Bronze Medallion as well as further lifesaving awards.

Paul joined North Bondi in 2010 and has progressed through the ranks of education to taking on the lead role at the club from 2015. He is also a patrol captain and is responsible for Education across Waverley holding a Sydney Branch role as the Waverley Districts Education Supervisor.

When he is not volunteering is time to lifesaving he works as a Doctor and is known to bake a few cakes now and then.

Paul Hotton
Head of Education

Peter Zieme joined North Bondi Surf Club in his teenage years, competing his bronze in 1977 at age 16. In his earlier years he competed in surf boats and IRB competition.

He has held a number of administrative positions over the years, with many years spent as Competition Director. With the completion of the new Clubhouse in 2013, Peter took on the role as Head of Operations.

In this role he is responsible for the overall upkeep and maintenance of our Clubhouse. He is constantly looking at ways to improve the building and ensure all the faculties keep up with our ever-changing and growing members.

Peter Zieme
Head of Operations

I joined the club in 2008 and obtained my Bronze Medallion in March. I wish I had done it earlier. After taking on some jobs around the club, I became club caption in August 2014. I am the IRB driver for patrol 7, and hold spinal, ARTC and Basic Beach Management awards.

I compete in Masters, mainly to improve my skills and fitness, but also because it is a lot of fun. Having grown up in the French countryside 300Km from the ocean, I count my blessings every morning when I see the bay at Bondi.

Thierry Forest
Head of Lifesaving