Bronze Medallion

Course Description

The Bronze Medallion is the core award to be a surf lifesaver in Australia. All further awards in Lifesaving build on the Bronze Medallion, and the course is suitable for anyone – young or old. At North Bondi we hold courses aimed a different age groups. If you are 15 to 18 then the Bronze (15 – 18) is for you although priority into this course is given to existing members of the club. If you are over 18 then please sign up for our Bronze (>18) programme.

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Boland, Head of Education via email at:

Bronze Medallion 18 and Over

If you are interested in doing your Bronze at North Bondi, please email This course is very popular and we have limited spaced each year. There will be an intake starting in October and another intake in December 2019 / January 2020.

You will be asked to complete a survey and added to a waiting list. We will provided you with all details ahead of the next intake of potential candidates.

The cost of the course is $600, which includes first year club membership, a building levy* and the cost of the course itself. Successful candidates will be contacted by the course coordinator.

NOTE: You must undertake a 400M Swim in under 9 Minutes under the supervision of a member of the North Bondi Education team as a prerequisite to entry into the Bronze Medallion. These swims will be organised, and notification sent, once registration has closed.

Bronze Medallion Ages 15 – 18

If you are thinking about doing your Bronze Medallion (15 – 18) and joining North Bondi Surf Club, the next course will commence in January 2020. Please register your interest by clicking here and filling out the form.

IF SUCCESSFUL, you need to pay for the course. PAYMENT is required before commencing the course due to insurance reasons. The cost of the course is $240, which includes a building levy*.

*Note: This levy is compulsory for anyone joining the club over the next 10 years. All existing members should have already paid the levy and will not be required to pay as part of the registration for the course.