How much are the membership fees?

A schedule if fees is available by clicking here

How do I pay my fees?

All fees including membership, gym, locker, course fees, etc. can be paid online via your SLSA portal account.

What happens if I don't pay my fees?

Members that have not paid fees by 31/7 will be declared unfinancial and tags will be deactivated. You will need to apply to the membership committee to rejoin and if accepted pay a late fee on top of fees due. You cannot use the Club whilst unfinancial.

I am having difficulty paying my fees by the due date

Please email info@northbondisurfclub.com with the circumstances as to why and this will be considered by the Board.

What can I do if I am studying or going interstate/overseas?

If you are an active member you can apply for leave of absence. A reduced fee is payable but no Club access. Other members would pay fees as usual so as not to be declared unfinancial.

I can't pay my fees online

In very limited circumstances manual fee payments will be accepted and will incur an administration fee (except certain categories).


When does Nippers registration start?

Registration for new or renewing Nippers starts late August each season. Check the website closer to this timeframe for detailed info.

How old does my child need to be to join Nippers?

Child must be aged 5 or above after 30th September that current season.

What age group will my son or daughter be in?

Age groups are determined by birthday before 1st October. If your child is 9 years old at as 1/10 they will be in Under 10 age group.

When is the Nipper season?

Runs every Sunday morning from mid October to mid March each year with a break over Christmas.

What time on Sunday is Nippers?

The younger age groups start at 8am and the older age groups start at 9:15am. This will be communicated to you.

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    2016 NBSLSC Fees
    2016 NBSLSC Fees
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