How To Join

Pathways To Membership

The Surf Life Saving movement is largely a volunteer organisation, that is run and staffed almost exclusively by volunteers (with the exception of a small number of paid full time staff). Surf Life Saving Australia is organised by State, with each state being broken down into one or more Branches. Each Branch is in turn made up of clubs.

North Bondi is the oldest Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) in the world, and is where the Surf Life Saving movement originated!

There are several different pathways to membership in a Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC), depending on your age.

  • Nippers – Children aged 5 and up can join Nippers, where they learn basic surf safety and competency skills in the sand and in the water. Nippers also prepares children for the Surf Rescue Certificate. In some cases Nippers are able to attain a resuscitation certificate, after having undertaken a CPR course at the club.
  • Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) – The SRC teaches children aged 13 years and up how to become junior lifesavers, and prepares them to Patrol the beach. SRC holders are an active and important part of North Bondi’s patrolling members and perform rescues just like Bronze Medallion holders do, but are limited to manual CPR and cannot carry certain loads . It is not necessary for an SRC candidate to have participated in Nippers, but it certainly helps prepare them!
  • Bronze Medallion – Candidates aged 15 years and older are eligible to undertake the Bronze Medallion. The Bronze Medallion is the minimum certification required to patrol the beach as an adult, and provides the holder with a Certificate II in Aquatic Rescue. As part of their Bronze Medallion training, candidates are taught beach management,  surf rescue, Radios and CPR using basic Oxygen and Defibrillation techniques. It is not necessary for a Bronze Medallion candidate to hold an SRC or have participated in Nippers, but it is not unusual for SLSC members to have joined at age 5 and worked their way through the various courses that the club offers.

Overview of Course

Here is a brief summary of the SRC course and timings for the coming season.


  • 200 m pool swim in less than 5 minutes.
  • Induction on Saturday September 23 at 2.00pm
  • Followed by timed swim at Icebergs
  • Other timed swim at Icebergs on Sunday September 30 at 3pm
  • Must be 13 on day of SRC assessment

Forms to complete for enrolment

Participant should complete these forms & bring with them on the induction night

  • SRC enrolment form 
    SRCenrolmentform2018 19 Blank (33.1 KiB, 10 downloads)
  • SRC payment form 
    North Bondi SRC Payment Form 2018 19 (193.0 KiB, 12 downloads)

SRC course Learning Outcomes

  • Rescue techniques (boards/rescue tubes), surf awareness,  resuscitation (CPR), first aid, improve fitness, team work, patrolling

Timing (see schedule at end)

  • Course takes 6 – 8 weeks
  • 2 hours classroom session, Sundays from 9.15am
  • 1 hour beach work on Sundays from 11.30am
  • Two mid week night sessions in week5/6 TBD
  • Normal nippers 7.30am/8am to 9am
  • Put in additional time as required

Training Resources

  • You will be provided a manual and learner guide which is yours to keep
  • All training equipment(boards, rescue tubes, manikins etc) will be provided by the club.
  • Each course will be run by club trainers and helpers who will deliver the training and be your point of contact during the course.
  • You will need to bring the manuals with you to each session and for the water sessions bring all you need for going into the water – swimmers, goggles, towel, warm clothes, you can wear a wetsuit if you want (although cannot wear wetsuit for the run swim run in the real assessment).
  • For the theory sessions, wear casual clothes.

Priorities for pre Xmas SRC courses

  • Priority is given in the following order for pre Xmas SRC
  • Existing competitors, Long term nippers, current nippers, new members
  • Competitors need this award to compete post Xmas

Training Locations

  • The course will be run in the NBSLSC
  • The weekend beach sessions will be at North Bondi – post Nipper time
  • IMPORTANTParents/Guardians – Please ensure arrangements to pick your children are in place


  • The assessment is split into two
  1. Part A – weeknight (assessing theory- classroom)
  2. Part B – weekend content (assessing practical- beach)
  • You will have practice assessments within the club and then the real assessment with Waverly District Assessors once the squad is ready.
  • Assessments will start around week 6 depending on the Waverly District Assessment Calendar.

What Happens After you have finished the SRC?

  • Following completion of SRC, you will be allocated to a Patrol and you start patrolling the beach for Nth Bondi
  • You will be expected to meet your Patrol obligations ~25hrs per full season.
  • Note specific requirements for competitors – approx. 8 hours prior to 31/12/2018
  • You will be presented with your SRC Certificate at the end of season
  • There will be a graduation presentation at the conclusion of he course
  • Once you turn 15 you can do the Bronze Medallion Course (and there’s lots more courses after that).


Prior to Course

  • Fill in the Enrolment form & payment form
  • TABLE FORMS at SRC Induction on September 23 at 2.30pm (NBSLSC)
    • ATTEND THE SRC INDUCTION Saturday September 23 at 2.00pm (NBSLSC)
    • Complete swim after induction at Icebergs or on the following date
    • Other timed swim at Icebergs on Sunday September 30 at 3pm
  • Notification– By September 30 we will notify you of the course you are on and confirm the dates (apologies if you don’t get on the pre Xmas course, we will try our best but can’t guarantee). Note that due to numbers some will be on courses starting February – don’t worry you will be a lifesaver for life so a couple of months won’t make a difference.

Once Confirmed on a Course

  • Course fees will be charged on course confirmationvia form supplied

The costs are as follows:

  • SRC Course Existing Nipper $60
                                                    Non-member     $80
  • Membership feesU16(non nippers)            $25

            You will not be able to start the course if you have not paid prior to the start.

Please note– all new members will be required to pay a new building levy (if not already done so). For Under 18s the Levy is $100. It can be paid in instalments.

  • Start the course and have fun!

2018 COURSE DATES – start Sunday October 14


Not on a course this year ?

We will be running more courses in February 2019, exact start dates to be confirmed but usually start early February after school holidays.

For any further information please email Glenn Clark at

I will be away OS from Aug 23 to Sept 16




Bronze Medallion (BM)

If you are over 15 you can undertake your BM. This is the core award to be a surf lifesaver in Australia. And it is for anyone young or old. At North Bondi we hold courses aimed a different age groups. If you are 15 to 18 then the Bronze (15 – 18) is for you although priority into this course is given to existing members of the club. If you are over 18 then please sign up for our Bronze (>18) programme.

The course is delivered over 8 weeks in total with a theory session (weeknights 7pm to 9pm) and a beach session (Saturdays or Sundays) every week. The 8 weeks includes a mock assessment and a final assessment. The next courses will start in October 2018. A prerequisite timed swim (400m in 9 minutes) must be completed prior to the start of the course and must be done at one of the set swim sessions supervised by North Bondi trainers.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Daniel Dunlop (Bronze (15-18) Coordinator) or Jonathan Golan (Bronze >18 Coordinator) via our online contact form.

The Bronze intake for the 2018 – 2019 season is now full. The next Bronze induction will be in spring 2019

What do I do if I already hold a Bronze Medallion?

If you were an existing member of North Bondi and want to rejoin or if you hold a BM and what to transfer clubs. Then you need to complete an application form to be reviewed by the membership committee. This committee will make recommendations or seek further information. The final decision about joining or rejoining is made by the Board of Management.

For an application form, please make a General Inquiry via our online contact form

Want to join the club but you feel that you would not be able to achieve a Bronze Medallion?

We have many other options within the club. Please comake a General Inquiry via our online contact form