Does the club host events for schools and/or young adults?

The club does not host 16th, 18th, 21st birthday parties or school formals.

Will the club arrange the band?

The band is arranged by the client themselves directly – no preferred option.

Is there a dance floor available?

There is no dance floor – if you require one, it can be included at an expense.

Can I come in and set up earlier?

If you need to come in early, an extra $500 will be charged. An early entry is considered before 5:00pm for an evening function, and access from 7:00am for a morning function.

Is kosher catering allowed?

Kosher catering is allowed for an external kitchen charge of $500, with kosher wines available on request.

Are there round tables available?

There are no round tables inclusive of room hire, they need to be arranged externally if required.

Can we use decals for an event?

There are no decals allowed on windows, under any circumstances.

Can we place external signing on the building?

No external signage can be placed anywhere on the building, under any circumstances.