Club race information

How the handicapping system works

Race times are recorded by the system, and your start time (handicap) is based on your actual race times. More specifically:

  • Your expected time for each race is based on your average NET time (i.e. the time it took you to complete the course).
  • Your start time for each race is calculated from your expected time (average NET time) plus any accumulated adjustments. Adjustments are accumulated time penalties or bonuses that help to keep races more competitive (see tables below).
  • The slowest competitor in the race always starts off GO. Everyone else’s start time is worked out relative to that, with the aim to have every competitor finish at the same time. This means that even though some competitors are faster than others, anyone can win and it should always be a race to the finish line!
  • You do not get a place or adjustment if it’s your first race of the season.


Points and adjustments for places and races:

At the start of a new season, each competitor’s points and adjustments start at zero and accumulate throughout the season. The tables below show the points and adjustments (in seconds) that are applied for different placings in each race.

Surf Races: 10:30am Sundays: A, B & C grade

Place # Points Adjustment (s)
1 5 -15
2 4 -10
3 3 -5
4 2 0
> 4 1 +5
First race 1 0

Biathlon: 4pm Sundays & 6pm Fridays

Place # Points Adjustment (s)
1 10 -30
2 8 -15
3 6 -7
4 4 -3
5 2 0
> 5 1 +5
First race 1 0