Board of Management

North Bondi SLSC is a non-profit volunteer organization, run by it’s members, for it’s members. The Board of Management are voted in at the club Annual General Meeting, and serve for that current season on the “Board”. The Club has other office bearers & sub committees that report through to the Board positions. The Board meets at least monthly and the minutes are available on the members area of this website.

Andrew Christopher

Andrew Christopher


Andrew is a long service member and has been Club President since 2019 after serving as the Club’s Vice President and Head of Surf Sports for many years. Andrew was also a Nippers Age Manager, a member of the Nippers Executive and Masters Captain. His 4 children are active members and competitors, and wife Angela is a community member. Andrew is a regular Masters competitor and enjoys the regular Sunday surf race and other Club activities. Andrew is closely involved in the local Bondi community as a long service swimming member of the Icebergs for over 25 years and as a Life Member of the Ben Buckler Amateur Fishing Club

Nick Sone

Head of Life Saving

Since joining the club Nick has been involved in the Education section, is an IRB driver, a Jet Ski Operator and is a Patrol Vice Captain. He held the position of Club Vice Captain for 2 seasons and is also a Masters competitor. Nick is responsible for all Lifesaving activities, including the management of Patrol operations, equipment and membership compliance to ensure our North Bondi volunteers can keep the beach safe, prevent drownings, save lives and ultimately enjoy all that the Australian way of life and surf lifesaving offers as a movement.

Matt Hamilton

Head of Youth

Matt is second generation North Bondi, his father Tony being a long time life member. Matt has always been involved in the club first as a nipper himself, then as a junior doing his Bronze in 1988 and into the senior ranks, He has had an active involvement in competition side of the club throughout his youth and recently got back involved as a masters competitor. He is North Bondi’s longest serving swimmer in the Stan & Bas McDonald relay. Matt has three children all coming through the nippers. In this time he has been involved in nippers as an Age Manager, Nippers coach and is currently Nippers President.

Danny Ekins

Head of Finance

Danny is a long service member who re-entered Surf Life Saving joining North Bondi in 2005 when his three children started Nippers. He did his bonze medallion in 1980 with Southport Surf Life Saving Club (South Australia). He is a masters competitor, regular surf ski paddler and a lover of ocean and surf. He has done water safety and bus driving, and assisted with documenting club financial procedures. Danny’s three children James, Luca and Charlotte are patrolling and competing members at North Bondi. His wife Tina is part of the Clubs merchandise team, a beach official and club competition administrator. Danny’s professional background is in finance and commercial real estate. He is responsible for oversight of the Club’s finances.

Jonathan Golan

Head of Administration

Jonathan “Yoni” Golan is a technology executive who  joined the club as a Nipper parent in 2014 and quickly fell in love with the place. Since attaining his Bronze Medallion, he has taken on the roles of Patrol Captain, Club Webmaster, Nippers Age Manager, IRB Driver, Bronze Trainer and JetSki Operator. Yoni is responsible for the day to day administration of the Club and ensuring that the needs of club members  are met in an efficient and timely manner.

Phil Suriano

Phil Suriano

Head of Sponsorship

Phil is a long service member of North Bondi having joined when he enrolled his daughter Jess in Nippers. He was actively involved in the nipper program as an age manager and later as head of water safety. He remains an active patrolling member being part of the IRB team and is on the clubs gym committee. As a current board member of North Bondi he is Head of Sponsorship & Marketing responsible for managing the clubs sponsorships and fund raising events. The surf club plays a big part in Phil’s life with the club and its members being the start of his daily routine. He and his family continue to be involved in surf club activities.

Rob White

Head of Education

Rob was elected Head of Education in 2021 having been the club’s SRC co-ordinator for the past 3 seasons. He has taught SRC and Junior Bronze for the last 5 years. Rob is a Long Service Member and his 2 kids are also members. Rob is also a Crew in the IRB team and one of his most enjoyable club memories is having a front row seat in the Judging Boat watching Nth Bondi claim the Men’s Open Taplin title at State in 2021.

Alex Merkur

Head of Operations

Growing up in the Blacktown and living an hour away from the beach was not Lexi’s idea of fun. Being a natural outdoorsman, Lex decided that if he volunteered to Patrol, he’d be forced to find a way of getting him to the beach on a regular basis.  Lexi is an IRB Driver and Trainer, Bronze Trainer, Jet Ski Operator, Patrol 18 and IRB Team Vice Captain, Club Electrician. Lexi’s favourite things, which he absolutely loves about the club are the community and team aspects. The club is a team effort from Jim walker’s One Club motto, to Will Hauserman’s Energy through to Nish being everywhere and always willing to help. Winter training on IRB brings out some amazing situations. Lexi’s most memorable moment was when he and Dan Murphy punched through a wave on the IRB without a working engine! That was tough! But the best is having more airtime on Bondi Rescue than Julian Peterson (and more time physically in the air on the IRB than anyone else in recorded history)! Lex brings his impressive experience as a lifesaver and a dedication to efficient operations to the role of Head of Operations.

John Clothier

Head of Surf Sports

After moving to Sydney in 2005 John joined North Bondi first competing a master and then as an age manager as all three kids went through nippers.  He still has twins competing in the under 17s and enjoys getting active himself.  He is head of the surf sports and loves every aspect of seeing North Bondi going head to head with the best in our sport.  John and his family live locally and love being in and around the club and what it offers.  Outside of surf lifesaving he works in the financial services industry.  He has been on the Board since 2017.