2022 Aussies Wrap


After a challenging season on many fronts, Team NB headed to Aussies with high hopes and delivered some great results.

  • NB won 16 medals, (18 medals 2021) 4 GOLD, 6 SILVER, 6 BRONZE.
  • NB had 78 finalists, up 1 from 2021.
  • NB had 36 top 6 places, up 3 from 2021.
  • NB had 58 top ten places, up 7 from 2021.
  • NB won 1 sprint and 1 flags medal and had another 3 top 6 sprint/flags finishes. (Youth)
  • NB finished in 9th position overall in the open points score, down 2 spots from 2021.

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Our NB competitors have endured adversity this season like never before.

  • Our swimmers/Iron competitors not being able to access heated pools and swim squads to train with, throughout the winter. Swimming in the cold ocean with wetsuits.
  • Jimmy’s ski training was closed for several winter months.
  • Training in pairs for most of the winter months.
  • Forced into 7 days of isolation at times, either being close contacts, or even worse catching Covid.
  • Endured crazy surf, wind and rainy conditions for most of the surf season. One of the worst summers during my lifetime.
  • Limited racing opportunities.

It’s a huge credit to all our surf sports competitors, getting the results they have achieved.

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