The club has implemented a Safety Issues Register for members to easily report safety and maintenance issues they see around the club. Please scan the QR Code and complete the form, providing as much detail as possible so the issue can be addressed.

A few things to note before you report: 

  1. Danger to Yourself – Remember this first rule of lifesaving! If the situation is immediately dangerous to health – remove yourself from danger and contact the relevant authority (e.g. Surfcom if on patrol, fire brigade etc.).
  2. See it, Fix It Say it! – Can you safely fix this issue yourself (e.g. equipment placed in front of a fire door) – if yes, Fix it and report as an Observation.
  3. Incidents and injuries – Still need to be reported through the usual incident reporting process and form, but if the hazard causing the incident or injury still remains use this register to report it so the hazard can be addressed as well so it doesn’t cause further injury/damage.

Refer to the following pointers on the main categories and when logging a report:

CategoryDefinition Example Comments
Incident An event that did result in injury, illness, or damage.
Event where:
– person (member or public) has been put at risk or injured
– damage to property/equipment
– environmental incident  
– Club member fell on loose tile on balcony and was injured
– Heavy object lifted from high shelf fell and hit and injured person
– Trailer backed and hit post denting the trailer
– BBQ caught fire damaging hosing
– Cut finger on sharp edge on board storage
Report injury using usual injury incident form. If hazard still remains (e.g. loose tile) report through hazard register.
Hazard  Behaviour or situation that has potential to cause injury, illness, or damage such as:
– harm to a person including injury, death or disease
– harm to property, equipment or the environment.
– Sharp edge on board storage rack (someone could get cut)
– Heavy equipment stored above shoulder height (could lead to manual handling injury or could fall when being lifted down)
– Fuel not stored in correct container (fire risk or could leak to drain)
– Trip hazard in gym (someone could trip and fall)
– BBQ gas hose is perished (could lead to release of gas and cause fire in future if not fixed)
Can you fix the hazard safety? If yes – fix and report as observation. If you can’t – report as hazard. 
Near miss An unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage, but had the potential to do so.– Club member was unbalanced on loose tile but didn’t injure themselves
– Object fell from high shelf and just missed hitting someone
– Fuel spill in shed but was cleaned up with spill kit
Report near misses Important to report these near misses to we can see what lessons can be learnt to make sure next time doesn’t become an incident.
Observation or suggestionA behaviour or condition was observed – it has been addressed and/or there is no imminent danger.
Or a safety suggestion that can help make a difference.
– Noticed a ski was stored in between fire doors so moved it
– Moved heavy equipment on high to waist height shelf
Report observations and, where relevant, what you did to rectify. From the observations reported we can see if there’s any recurring themes that need addressing.
MaintenanceEquipment or property requiring servicing, repairing or replacing.– Leaky shower head
– Broken window
Something that could do with fixing – isn’t a hazard but needs looking at.

For further information of Work Health and Safety, refer to the SLSA Guidelines for Safer Surf Clubs (V4 2020)