Nippers Parent Involvement

Like most areas in Surf Life Saving, Nippers is volunteer-run! Our parents are as important to Nippers as the children who attend, and often have more fun!


Every age group is run by age managers, typically parents from the age group. Age managers lead the age group each week, running activities, educating and coaching the nippers.


  • New Age Managers must complete the Age Manager and Safeguarding Children and Young People Awareness Courses.
  • All new and existing Age Managers must attend a briefing at North Bondi SLSC. This briefing is for North Bondi SLSC Age Managers only.
  • All Age Managers must be a general member of North Bondi SLSC. General membership has an annual cost of $50 for those who complete courses and are approved by the nipper executive, tags will be issued after the above approval.
  • It’s a good idea for Age Managers to have their bronze medallion, but not essential.
  • Age managers are provided with a shirt to wear during Sunday Nippers and at carnivals.


When you help?

Age managers:

  • Run their age group each Sunday.
  • Communicate with their age group, in person and via email, on all nipper matters.
  • Attend carnivals (if their children are competing), and assist coordinating nippers and teams.
  • Contribute to North Bondi Nippers development camp selections and other areas as required.


The water safety crew is one of the most important volunteer parent roles we have at nippers. Water safety wear orange rash shirts and ensure the safety of nippers in the water.

Surf Life Saving Australia sets strict ratios for water safety to nippers – 1:5 for proficient nippers, 1:1 for non-proficient nippers. We need a high level of parent support for water safety.


  • Current Bronze Medallion.
  • A training course combines theory and practical, covering knowledge of basic patrolling and surf awareness. A course outline is available on the SLSNSW website. Run by North Bondi SLSC trainers at North Bondi (or nearby). Generally held over approximately 8 weeks, including weeknights and weekends. Details of upcoming courses are advertised by email throughout the year.
  • North Bondi SLSC membership for insurance purposes.
  • Water safety uniform – provided as required.
  • Meet annual Bronze Medallion proficiency requirements.

When you help?

There is a minimum of 40 hours per season of water safety required to maintain your Bronze Medallion. You can build hours by helping when you can at:

  • Sunday North Bondi nippers.
  • Carnivals – only if you have a child competing. At carnivals, water safety usually has the opportunity to nominate the water area (age group) they’d like to work in, ensuring they are near their children..


During the season there are many optional carnivals run for U8-U14 nippers. The Club is generally required to provide officials at these events, in particular, Branch Championships and State Championships. Officials are responsible for the conduct of surf sport events. Officiating roles include referees, starters, judges, recorders and marshals across all of the surf sports disciplines (flags, sprints, surf race, board etc).

Officials accreditation comes in three levels (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3). New officials will need to complete a Level 1 Officials accreditation.


  • Level One Officials qualification consists of an online course plus practical training at carnivals.
  • Courses are sponsored by the club for North Bondi Nipper parents.
  • Depending on the carnival, uniforms may be provided.
  • North Bondi SLSC full membership for insurance purposes.

When you help?

  • At carnivals – in particular, Branch Championships and State Championships.
  • Officials have the opportunity to nominate age group areas and roles they would like to officiate in, ensuring they are near their children.


Parent bbq volunteers are required every Sunday to help with the BBQ. Each age group will be assigned to the roster during the nipper season. This is a great way to meet other parents in your child’s age group. Please refer to the nipper calendar for your assigned week.


All parents can help by:

  • Lending a hand to your age managers with activities.
  • Assisting with setting up and packing up the beach when your age group is rostered on – this is an expectation of all nipper parents.